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Our Story

A unique funeral for a unique life

In a world that is becoming more personalised and more customised, the question that’s being asked by many is ‘why not for funerals?’

At Signature Funerals, that’s how we think. We want to provide funerals that make sense for people. Funerals that reflect lifestyles, aspirations and personalities. Funerals where those attending leave and say “I loved how they brought that into the funeral, that was really them.”

For some people, a signature funeral means “no fuss”- simple and dignified, without any additional expense or ceremony. For others, the opposite end of the spectrum is true. Just as we’ve observed in other major ceremonies like weddings, funerals are becoming a lot more personalised where ‘anything goes’.

As examples, funerals can now include acoustic music, pets at the service, themed caskets and super-hero pall-bearers, and the release of doves or butterflies.

Hearses are no longer the only mode of transport – we’re seeing a trend for motorbikes, boats, even a horse and carriage – and if you want to design your own funeral route, then our response will always be ‘we’ll take care of it’.

Flowers and catering are also taking on individualised twists, with casket sprays including things like fishing and hunting accessories, knitting needles and we’ve even had a vegetable casket arrangement made of home-grown veges. Catering options have evolved into high tea, or pizza delivery – nothing ‘traditional’, but all perfect for the family when remembering their loved one.

Signature Funerals is unique in that we don’t start with a prescribed planning document. Instead we start with a blank piece of paper and we explore all options with you. It’s ok to say “do you think we could do this,” or “what about this” or even, “I don’t’ know what I want but I definitely know what I don’t want.”

For pre-planning and funerals that truly reflect you or your loved one, then please talk to us today. Alternatively, you can visit our website where we’ve collated 21 funeral ideas. Maybe some of them are right for you, or maybe not. Ultimately, what’s important to us is what’s important to you.

We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you’ll always have someone to talk to. Together we can create a completely unique and personalised funeral – a signature funeral for a signature life.

Our Lead Funeral Director – Darin Friis

Darin feels humbled to be able to assist families by offering the ceremony that best honours their loved one. He is especially valued for his people and organisational skills. Darin is married to Ngareta and they have three young children. When he’s not at work Darin enjoys spending time with the family, particularly camping and having fun with outdoor pursuits. He also enjoys music and DIY projects.