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Signature Funerals is proud to provide sponsorship to a collection of Tauranga charities including the Patient Emergency Toiletry (P.E.T) Charitable Trust, Alzheimers, Tauranga SPCA, SANDS, and Bloodbank New Zealand.


Alzheimers Tauranga

Hampers full of tea/coffee and biscuits, donated by Signature Funerals, help bring people together at Alzheimers Tauranga.

Connecting over a cuppa is a great way for people to talk about what is happening for them and give each other support, ideas and encouragement, says Alzheimer Tauranga’s general manager Julie Sargisson.

“It also allows people to take time out, wind down and relax…so providing a cuppa and a biscuit really is a very important part of our work.”

Signature Funerals also supports Alzheimers Tauranga’s quarterly newsletter, and money is donated to this organisation through Legacy Trust.

Tauranga Bloodbank

Receiving a cuppa and biscuits after donating blood is a practise that’s been around for decades.

Signature Funerals is keen to ensure those hot drinks and biscuits continue to be served to assist donors re-hydrate and refuel after adding to Tauranga’s blood bank supplies.

Signature Funerals has been a long-time supporter of Tauranga Blood Donor Service.


The staff at Signature Funerals know there’s not a lot sadder than a tiny coffin.

And so, when the opportunity arose to provide support to Sands an affirmative response was immediate.  Sands is a voluntary, parent-run, non-profit organisation set up to support parents and families who have experienced the death of a baby.

Sands BOP provides hospital packs and Todd Gower Funerals assists in filling the packs with items such as a candle, teddy, small toiletries pack for mum, a memory stone in a velvet bag, and tissues.

Funerals for babies are free of charge at Signature Funerals.

Tauranga SPCA

The team at Signature Funerals ensures that animals, not just humans, get to benefit from their philanthropy. In some cases, it’s the people who look after the animals – like the SPCA stars. A vacuum cleaner was needed at Tauranga SPCA, and Signature Funerals provided.

Signature Funerals are also keen to sponsor pet visits into rest homes. They know there’s a lot to be said for pet therapy and its ability to improve human health and attitude through interaction with animals.

Money is also gifted to Tauranga SPCA through Legacy Trust. The Trust is the owner of Signature Funerals.

PET Charitable Trust

Signature Funerals is proud to be a major sponsor of the Patient Emergency Toiletry (P.E.T) Charitable Trust.

It’s an initiative driven by local woman, Chris Bishell, and involves ensuring basic toiletries are on hand for people who have arrived at hospital without the chance to gather their things – mostly patients admitted into Intensive Care and the Coronary Care Unit.

The Kits include items such a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, comb and shampoo. To date Chris has made up more than 5,000 kits distributed to patients and their caregivers, free of charge.

Help has come from Signature Funerals who are thrilled to provide financial assistance for such a project. That support has enabled the project to continue, Chris says.

Click here to read more about the PET Charitable Trust.